Reproduction by air born spores (8/5/16-10/24/16)

I’ve been observing these weird fungi for about a month now and they’re growing I’m my school’s front garden. I don’t truly know what it’s name is, but I do know that these fungi reproduce by air born spores.

Basicaly there life spand looks like this. they form as spores in the ground, then they form into a hard sphere to protect themselves, as shown below.

Then they start to open up and the hard casing divides into 5 sections.Pushing the dirt that was ontop of it out of the way, making a flower like shape. as seen below

Then they expose there spore sacks, which are located in the center if the fungi’s exposed insides. Then like a motion triggerd febris despenser, when anything, even the slightest bit of pressure on the spore sack will make it release a plume or cloud of spores into the air, to later start it’s own growth cycle. As shown down below

Thankyou for reading🤓